Have you ever fully considered that traditional thinking around productivity is masculine? It assumes having a constant level of energy to get things done from day to day.

Well, do you have the same level of energy every day? No, right?

Some days, you’re bursting with energy and full of enthusiasm. Other days, you just want to curl up in bed and want everyone to leave you alone.

If you’re like many women, you’ll recognize changes in your body and energy around menstruation time. In fact, when you start to pay more attention, you’ll notice four distinct phases in your cycle, each lasting around one week.

In each phase, your brain and body is more suited to some activities than others. When you focus your tasks to align with each phase of your cycle, you draw on your natural strengths.

And when you don’t, you make life unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

Based on my personal research, experience, and practice around our natural cycles as well as the successes of female clients, online students, and even Team Sasuga! members, I’ve completely redesigned and upgraded my signature 3-month online program - Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching - and structured it around the Sasuga! Success Cycle, so that more working women like you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of this new approach to productivity.

What is the Sasuga! Success Cycle?

The Sasuga! Success Cycle has four phases to align with your natural cycle:

Phase 1 Care For You
Phase 2 Create Your Plan

Phase 3 Communicate Your Ideas
Phase 4 Complete Your Tasks

In the Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching program, you’ll understand exactly what the phases of your natural cycle are (even if you’re pregnant or in menopause). 

Then, for each phase, you’ll start to transform your mindset and master the skills that you need to optimize your tasks and activities while still taking care of yourself.

Imagine that? Getting rest and performing at your best!

If you’re like many of my female clients, when they first come to me

  • You’re often busy and stressed - you have an endless to-do list and feel like what you do in one day is never enough
  • You put other people first - you’d love to take some time to relax or do something for yourself, but you always prioritize demands from work colleagues or family
  • You put up with situations even when you’re not happy - like when you disagree with what people are saying in a business meeting, but you don’t want to cause problems or say the wrong thing

So you're what I call a "Pressured People Pleaser" - and you know how energy-draining that can be! 

Now, you’re about to discover a NEW possibility for yourself...

You can become a “Successful Sasuga! Woman.” What does that mean?

You can define your success exactly as YOU like. Here’s what you might include:

  • You communicate clearly, confidently, and convincingly in person and online with global colleagues and clients
  • You know when and how to say “No” in the best interests of yourself and your business
  • You set and achieve meaningful goals with ease
  • You know how to stay focused and complete the tasks that are most important to you
  • You’re no longer a victim of negative thinking
  • You know the secrets to optimize your time and energy as a woman
  • You make self-care a priority, so that you can be your best in your personal and professional life 

Picture how different and brilliant your life could look as a Successful Sasuga! Woman.

How fabulous would you feel?

Imagine the wonderful ripple effect on those around you in your work or family.

Exciting, right?

Now, before I tell you how we make that happen for you, let me tell you a little more about who I am and why I’m expertly qualified to teach you this.

Who is Helen?

I'm Helen Iwata - a happy and successful business owner, coach, author, speaker, mum, wife, friend

I'm from the UK and have lived and worked in Japan for almost 30 years. I've supported thousands of Japanese women to question their current circumstances, see new possibilities for themselves, and learn and master the skills they need to live successful and happy lives.

During my 10-year career with McKinsey & Company in Japan, I took the first of numerous intensive programs to become a certified trainer and coach. And after founding my own business - Sasuga Communications K. K. - I've trained and coached clients in multiple multinationals as well as business professionals studying at the Tokyo University Executive Management Program and Waseda Business School.

I'm the author of the book Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu (英語の仕事術), published by Shogakukan, and a Nikkei Woman Smart columnist.

I've been a guest speaker at numerous events, including TEDx Roppongi in 2016, Nikkei's Woman ExpoGoogle's Womenwill, and FEW (For Empowering Women) Tokyo.

And I'm the host of the Sasuga! Podcast.

Life is good!

But it has taken half a century of learning, mistakes, upset, tears, epiphanies, and letting go to get where I am now!

That’s exactly why I can help you!

What you'll learn

Week 1

Care For You: Selfcare
Start making self-care a way of life instead of a task at the bottom of your to-do list, so that you can be and perform at your best

Week 2

Create Your Plan: Vision
Get clear on your personal 12-week goal and design your success path with the Sasuga! MMM goal-setting approach

Week 3

Communicate Your Ideas: Presenting
Learn and practice the essentials of clear, confident, and convincing business presentations - both in person and online

Week 4

Complete Your Tasks: Boundaries
Discover why you never complete your to-do list and stop the stress of incomplete tasks weighing you down at the end of each day

Week 5

Care For You: Reflection
Discover techniques to start taking time to reflect on your progress to avoid wasting time on what doesn’t work and maximize what does. Enjoy a moment to breathe!

Week 6

Create Your Plan: Thoughts
Shift negative thinking by discovering how the way that you communicate with yourself - your thoughts - impacts your actions and the results you get in your business and life

Week 7

Communicate Your Ideas: Meeting
Say good-bye to long, unproductive meetings and frustrated clients and colleagues by learning and practicing essential techniques for global meetings

Week 8

Complete Your Tasks: Implementing
Dive deeper into productivity techniques and take control of your email inbox, so that you’re getting more done in less time

Week 9

Care For You: Habits
Start to break old habits and create new habits, so that you get the right things done without even having to think about it

Week 10

Create Your Plan: Accomplishing
Find out how to overcome “achievement amnesia” and start accomplishing more of the right things with greater ease and joy

Week 11

Communicate Your Ideas: Influencing
Take your presentation and meeting skills to the next level by learning the secrets of brain science and how you can use that to be more persuasive

Week 12

Complete Your Tasks: Celebrating
Understand why it’s important for you to celebrate your success - not just in the Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching program, but at all times in your personal and professional life

Sasuga! VIP Women's Coaching gives you...  

12 weekly training modules

To help you make lasting changes, you’ll receive weekly homework - an easy-to-understand PDF with reflection questions and practical activities. You can expect to spend around 30 minutes on this each week.

6 Coaching Calls

Receive live coaching from me on any difficulties you're facing and to share your successes and questions with the group. You'll also learn lots from listening to other women with similar situations. Calls are via Zoom and usually twice a month on Saturdays. All calls are recorded, so you can watch later even if you can’t join live.

Private Forum

We use a private group on Facebook for questions, sharing goals and successes, and interacting with others in English or Japanese. This will be a huge source of inspiration for you and a great way to connect with and get to know other amazing women.

These stories could be yours....







I now feel confident as a working mother even in lockdown

"My relationship with my husband and children have changed massively. I used to blame myself for not being a great Mom, sacrificing my kids because of work. But thanks to the VIP program, I feel confident as Mother now. I could have wasted the entire lockdown period without achieving anything, trapped with my negative thoughts. By learning “Less is more” concept, I could give myself permission to slow down and take a break if I need to."

- Ayako (Entrepreneur)

I'm glad I made an investment!

"The overall program has been great and resourceful. As I told you before, I never invested in my personal development so much, but I am so glad that I did this time. What I like about the program is that this is a group coaching and I get inspired by many posts by other ladies. By being with these brilliant people, I feel I am growing. My biggest difference I see in myself professionally is that I am able to focus and deliver outputs more productively than before. Also I communicate with my boss using my vision and boundaries. I also personally developed my morning routine, and I love myself being active in the morning."

- Emiko (Consultant)

I can now emotionally detach myself and seek improvement from feedback by others

"Before joining the program I got easily trapped by circumstances such as who said what, what I should be doing (based on others), etc… but now I have more boundaries, am more detached from others' feedback emotionally and seek improvements from those."

- Kanako Machidori (HR manager, global software company)

It’s like brain training

"One of my biggest problems has gone already thanks to the program. Interestingly, even though the program doesn’t seem heavy at a glance in terms of the homework, calls, and interacting in the FB group, the conversation with Helen makes me contemplate so much - it’s like brain training. This is why the program is so effective for me and I enrolled for a second time. Thank you again for your Zen-like Q&A!" 

- Akiko (Marketer)

 I achieved my dream

"Through the program, I removed my mental block against speaking English and was successful in my first ever job interview in English. As a result, I achieved my dream of securing a new overseas position and am excited about starting my new life outside Japan with my husband."

- Masayo (Corporate banking relationship manager, Filipino mega-bank)

I got the promotion that I was wanting

"Until I joined the program, I'd never set goals and actually achieved them. But based on Helen's sound advice, by starting to set goals regularly and achieve them, I became more confident and now use my time each day in a meaningful way. By the end of the program, I'd got the promotion that I was wanting and what I learned will be integral to my future career."

- Koko (PR in the manufacturing sector) 

I'm surprised by how great I feel now

"During the program, I decided to change my job. I used to be worried about what other people would think if I spoke up about something. But, with Helen's support, I was able to change my mindset and, even though I'm now in a new work environment, I've been able to give my opinion without being worried about what others think. I'm surprised by how great I feel now that I'm free from keeping all my frustrations inside me."

- Sawako (Senior manager, pharmaceutical company)

I'm now happy to step out of my comfort zone

"I had been thinking about challenging myself to move to a higher position within my company, but didn't have the confidence and thought I wasn't qualified. However, through the communication with Helen and other VIP members, I started to realize that this was just my own thinking and was not a fact. I gained confidence and decided to talk with my bosses about my career. They welcomed the idea, and I'm now happy to step out of my comfort zone."

- Maiko (Trading company)

Now I can take steps to change myself

"I used to be inside of a thick shell and had no idea how to get out of it, but now I could take a first and even more steps to change my mind, actions, and myself through taking the program."

- Miho Aiba (Service industry)

Helen answers ANYTHING

"I’m no longer afraid of failure. I also loved that Helen answers ANYTHING we ask!"

- Yumi (R&D general manager, major manufacturing company)

What’s the investment?

How much is it worth to you to stop being a Pressured People Pleaser? To know exactly how to align your activities with the optimum phases in your natural cycle? To start becoming the Successful Sasuga! Woman you always wanted to be?

Sasuga! VIP Women's Coaching gives you

  • 12 weeks of homework to help you make fast and lasting changes
  • 6 calls to benefit from your own and others' coaching
  • a private Facebook group to ask questions and share your successes any time
  • direct coaching, support, and encouragement from me to keep you on track
  • a friendly community of like-minded women to keep you inspired

And your investment for the full 3-month program and all the support for you is just 230,000 yen (that’s 253,000 yen, including tax).

(Living outside Japan? Contact Team Sasuga! and we’ll happily give you a special code to deduct the 23,000 yen tax during your online payment.)

Oh, but wait!
There’s more for you...


Being able to communicate clearly and present your ideas in an engaging way is crucial to get the results that you want. That's why, as a Sasuga! VIP Women's Coaching participant, you receive the upgraded version of my popular Speak Like An Expert Online course (usually 29,700 yen) .

If you're keen to get a head start on your skill building, you can start studying this at your own pace straight after you sign up - just let Team Sasuga! know know you’re ready.

100% Guarantee

I personally guarantee you that you will feel more confident, be more productive, and start to get the results you want in life when you participate fully in the Sasuga! VIP Women's Coaching program.

If you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering what I promised to you by the end of the 3 months, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. 

You might be asking

This is for women only - primarily Japanese women working in a global business environment. 

The training materials are all in English. You're welcome to use Japanese on coaching calls and in the discussion forum as needed.

I recommend a total of around 2 hours per week. This includes 30 minutes for homework, 1 hour every 2 weeks for our call, and around 10 minutes 5 days a week to read comments and interact in our private Facebook group.  

Naturally, the more time you can devote to learning and practice, the greater progress you make.

The number of participants is limited to 25 maximum, so that everyone gets the attention they need and you can learn from and be inspired by other women in the group. When one participant is speaking or receiving coaching on a call, others find ways to apply that to their own situation and learn from it. Many women feel reassured that the concerns they have in their work and life are often shared by others - and they're happy to know that they're normal.

The next program will start on April 19, 2021 and end on July 11, 2021.
Call dates are April 24, May 8, 22, June 5, 19 and July 3.

Yes, just click the red button to register and you can enter your card details through the secure payment system.

No. Just contact Team Sasuga! and we'll give you a special code to enter when you make the online payment. This will automatically deduct Japanese consumption tax for you.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Team Sasuga!

Have you fully considered where you’ll be 3 months from now if you do nothing different?

Are you ready to stop being a Pressured People Pleaser? 

Are you ready to know exactly how to align your activities with the optimum phases in your natural cycle?

Are you ready to start becoming the Successful Sasuga! Woman you always wanted to be?

What’s the application process?

The fact that you’ve read this far suggests that at least a part of you is interested in joining the next Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching program (we start on Monday, April 19 for three months).

That being the case, I’m sure you want to be sure this is the right decision for you. Also, I want to be sure that I can give you the support you’re looking for.

So I invite you to ...

  1. Answer the questions below. After that, I’ll email you with my online calendar link to book your clarity call (see below).
  2. Join a 15-minute clarity call with me on Zoom. This is your opportunity to ask me personally about the program and let me know any concerns you have about your particular situation (it’s normal to have concerns!). Assuming you want to join, I’ll then send you a link to make your secure online payment.

  3. Make your secure online payment. Once you’ve made your investment, your place in the program is confirmed - yay! Please remember - we have a maximum of 25 participants per program. First come, first served.

If you’re keen to start working on something before the program starts, I’ll give you early access to your bonus complimentary Speak Like An Expert Online self-study course, so that you can start immediately to communicate more clearly and confidently in all your online meetings and presentations.


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