If you’re ready to be free from the pressure and stress of presenting online to clients and colleagues in English, then…


Yes, I’m ready to start now!

You may be unnecessarily hurting your business reputation and results without even realizing how much!

Now that the pandemic has made remote meetings such a crucial part of business, you probably already recognize that when you speak online, you need to

    ✔  Engage your clients or colleagues

    ✔  Be clear and persuasive

    ✔  Answer questions confidently

BUT which of these worries applies to you?

    ❌  making embarrassing English mistakes

    ❌  not being able to find the right word

    ❌  not sounding intelligent or sophisticated

    ❌  people not understanding you...

It’s normal to feel this kind of pressure when expectations are high for you as a business professional and you have to think on your feet - especially when you’re speaking in your non-native language.

In fact, there’s an even BIGGER problem:

When you’re “in your head” focusing on getting your English right

  • You lose the connection with your audience
  • You’re not engaging or persuasive at all

That means you miss out on huge opportunities to impress your global clients and colleagues and get meaningful business results.

Now you may be thinking...

“Ah, yes, I need to improve my English skills.”

But how much time and money have you already spent studying English?

Where has that got you?

Better grammar and a bigger vocabulary are NOT the solution.

Instead, the solution that you need is to

  • PREPARE like an expert
  • PRESENT like an expert
  • SUPPORT YOURSELF  like an expert


At last! A new possibility for you...

Here’s a brand new, more efficient and effective way for you to be a more impressive speaker in front of global clients and colleagues online. 

Now, just imagine how great it will feel to speak like an expert in your English presentations.

With the self-study Speak Like An Expert Online course, you’ll learn step-by-step all the techniques you need to go from being an “Uncertain English Speaker” to a “Confident Global Communicator” by using the proven methodology of the Speak Like An Expert Solution

So, how exactly will each lesson help you?

1. PREPARE Like An Expert


Get over your nerves, so that you start to feel confident and connect with your audience.


Understand what’s important for the people listening and make your message matter. 
Includes your Audience Analysis Template.


Create a logical flow that’s easy for others to follow (and for you to remember!).
Includes your Simple Structure Template.

2. PRESENT Like An Expert


Use your face, posture, and gestures to engage people and clarify your message.
Includes your Body Language Checklist and Self Assessment.


Vary your vocals to keep your audience’s attention and show your confidence.
Includes your Vocal Checklist and Self Assessment.



Design and deliver PowerPoint slides that clearly support your message instead of confusing your audience.
Includes your 12-Point Checklist For Powerful Presentation Slides.


Learn time-efficient ways to practice your presentation and discover exactly what to do when your mind goes blank.
Includes your Remember What To Say Checklist.


Answer even unexpected questions quickly and clearly, so that you can fully demonstrate your expertise and add even more value.


Use special online features to engage your audience and take the pressure off you.

Who is your Speak Like An Expert Online Coach?

I'm Helen Iwata. I coach high-potential and high-achieving managers and executives to communicate confidently and persuasively and to perform at their best in global business.

Originally from England, I’ve lived and worked in Japan for almost 30 years. During my ten years with McKinsey & Company in Tokyo, I served as manager of client communications and trained consultants and clients in leadership and communication skills, including presentations and meeting facilitation.

In  May 2013, I established Sasuga Communications and am now the go-to communication expert for multiple multinationals to design and lead their high-level training and coaching programs.

I’ve coached thousands of business professionals and delivered presentations worldwide, including in Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I serve  as  faculty  for  the  Tokyo  University  Executive  Management  Program and won the 2017 Waseda University Teaching Award for my Strategic Thinking and Communication MBA course.

I’m a TEDx speaker, Nikkei online columnist, and author of the Japanese book Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu, published by Shogakukan. I’m also the host of the Sasuga! Podcast.

Yes, I’m ready to speak like an expert!

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This is what participants are saying about Helen's coaching

"Received record-high score in presentation feedback" 

A few weeks ago, I had another opportunity to make two presentations at a global conference of our firm, in front of 240-250 colleagues. Thanks to the learning from Helen, I was not nervous at all, rather was able to enjoy the interaction with the audience ;-) And I got lots of positive feedback from the colleagues later. The feedback score on the presentation was at a record-high level. Thank you again and will keep on brushing up my skills!!

Yasushi Maruyama, Tokyo Office Leader, Global Executive Committee Member at Egon Zehnder
(Executive coaching student)

"I made a big step"

By reviewing everything from structure to delivery, I was able to stop doing things “in my own made-up way.” In particular, a big step for me was discovering how to present without having to memorize my script. The course was full of skills that I can use in meetings, when facilitating workshops, and in other communication.

Eriko, Education Industry
(Speak Like An Expert Online student / Group coaching participant)

"The number of new clients has increased"

Before working with Helen, it was difficult for me to efficiently and confidently put presentations together. Thanks to the skills I’ve learned and the simple frameworks she teaches, my presentations are more concise and focused on the client. As a result, clients recommend our services more often to their friends and neighborhoods, which means the number of new clients has gradually increased.

Yasuko Mori, Tax Accountant
(Group coaching participant)

"I achieved my dream"

Through the program, I removed my mental block against speaking English and was successful in my first ever job interview in English. As a result, I achieved my dream of securing a new overseas position and am excited about starting my new life outside Japan with my husband.

Masayo, Corporate banking relationship manager, Filipino mega-bank
(Sasuga! VIP Women's Coaching participant)

"Very concise and practical"

Everything you need to give a presentation is introduced step by step, and there are videos, workbooks, and checklists for each section. This made it really easy to use. The content was very concise and practical.
I tended to put lots of detail in my PowerPoint. It was great that I learned about narrowing the points, such as not needing to specify every segment in a pie chart, highlighting what you want to focus on, and effectively using the presentation flow.
I also found the advice related to real, easily imaginable situations to be useful, such as wearing cool clothes to avoid being too hot and what to do when you go blank.

Akiko, Asset Management Company
(Speak Like An Expert Online student / Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching participant / Sasuga! Cafe member)

Now you’re probably thinking, “Helen, this sounds great, but I’m just so busy. I don’t have time…”

Well, what you need is...

Bite-sized training that works for you

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re a high-performing business professional and you already have a full schedule. I know. That’s exactly why I designed the Speak Like An Expert Online course for you to study

  • whenever you want
  • wherever you want
  • however you want

Even if studying during your commute is no longer an option because you’re working from home, you can simply grab 10 or 15 minutes whenever is convenient in your day.

Make consistent progress in small steps. 

Do what works for you.

Look what's waiting inside for you

All the rich content of this course is housed in the beautiful and easy-to-follow Speak Like An Expert Online Library.

Each lesson in the Library has a Comments section, where you can easily ask questions or share your progress.

Get a sneak peek in this short video.

  • 9 instructional videos in easy-to-understand English
  • 9 audio versions of the videos, so that you can simultaneously learn AND practice your English listening skills 
  • 9 comprehensive workbooks with reflection and action sections to deepen your learning
  • 2 templates to save you time
  • 4 checklists to be sure you’re fully prepared
Yes, I’m ready to speak like an expert!

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These speaker success stories could be yours

"Much more prepared to give my first ever talk at TEDx!"

I felt like I was doing everything I could to prepare for my first TEDx!” After reaching out to Helen and getting her 1:1 (thank you so much for squeezing me in!), I felt much more prepared to give my first ever talk...at TEDx! Helen is an amazing, super positive coach who senses what her clients need immediately. She knows her stuff so she can cater-make your session to best suit your need whatever that may be! As a style coach & most recently a confidence coach, I feel that she equipped me with more tools for my toolbox in ways I love to do for my own clients! Highly recommended!

AYA JEAN style coach
(Executive coaching participant)

"Ideal for intensive study"

Suddenly, I had to facilitate online. It was difficult for me to find time to study, but I was able to listen to the audio version of Speak Like An Expert Online repeatedly during my commute. I made my own notes and then went through the workbooks.
At the same time, I practiced for my event while being conscious of the points introduced in Speak Like An Expert Online. So, on the day of my online event, I could handle the facilitation calmly.
Speak Like An Expert Online is easy to understand and the key points are summarized, so I felt it was ideal for intensive study.

(Speak Like An Expert Online student / Sasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching participant / Sasuga! Cafe menber)

"Increased my number of clients by 50 percent in just 6 months"

It was a fantastic course. By participating actively in the course, I learned to engage my clients and potential clients and communicate persuasively. As a result, I was able to increase my number of clients by 50 percent in just 6 months. I definitely recommend this course.

Daisuke Kai, General Manager at Seventh Sense Tax Services
(Speak Like An Expert student / Group coaching participant)

"I could feel my presentation improved"

Helen's presentation was great reference for me to change my own skills. Her instructions were easy to understand.
My outcome from the training was very clear and I could feel my presentation improvement very well. I also noticed that other participants' presentations changed significantly comparing the first version with the final version.

Global Pharmaceutical Company
(Corporate training participant)

Speak Like An Expert Online is for you if...

  • You want to be clear, confident, and convincing in your English online meetings and presentations
  • You understand the importance of engaging and persuading your global clients and colleagues and want to master those skills
  • You have a BUSY schedule and need a flexible solution to improve skills that are crucial for your career
  • You want the peace of mind of being able to save time preparing for presentations
  • You would benefit from mindset techniques and practical skills that you can use in all communication situations in your work - both in person and online and regardless of language

Speak Like An Expert Online is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a magic wand to transform you INSTANTLY into an outstanding English presenter - that’s just not going to happen. To improve, you need to commit to studying the content and putting it into practice. And I recommend small, consistent steps that you can flexibly fit into your schedule to get you the results you need.
  • Your English is beginner level (BUT if you've read this far and you basically understand my English in the video at the top of this page, you're fine!)

You get so much more than a simple “How To” training

When you start the Speak Like An Expert Online course, you’re getting the culmination of my 3 decades of global business and communication experience and expertise.

And today, my top corporate clients pay me 60,000 to 125,000 yen per hour to teach them what you can now start to learn at your own pace in this easy-to follow, comprehensive self-study course.

My clients include some of Asia’s biggest industry leaders, and they all know how crucial clear, confident, convincing presentation skills are for their business (if you’re not seeing their testimonials on this page, that’s because I’m complying with their corporate confidentiality requirements). 

These leaders have committed to taking the steps from being an “Uncertain English Speaker” to becoming a “Confident Global Communicator”.

Now, whether you personally are a team leader or a CEO, you can probably already see what BETTER communication skills and confidence will do for you and your business, right?

And let’s not just look at your next presentation...

...but at every online meeting you attend from now...


You get to keep everything you learn from
Speak Like An Expert Online forever!

Yes, you can review your resources repeatedly whenever you need to because they will all be waiting for you whenever you log into your Speak Like An Expert Online Library, so that you’re at your best for every important presentation.

So, as you’re reading this, I encourage you to pause for a moment.

Where do you predict you will be six months from now if you do nothing different?

Have you fully considered what it’s costing you - what you’re losing - as an “Uncertain English Speaker”?

On the other hand, just imagine the value of being a “Confident Global Communicator”. How much is that worth to you in terms of your reputation and business results? 

Well, you can get started with making that value a reality for you today - when you invest in yourself with Speak Like An Expert Online for just 27,000 yen. 

Start to speak like an expert online today.

One payment of just 29,700 yen including tax.

Yes, I want to be a confident presenter

Our Privacy Policy is here.

And there’s no risk because I’m giving you...

Your 100% money-back guarantee

Speak Like An Expert is an easy-to-follow and comprehensive self-study training that takes you step-by-step through how to become a clearer, more confident, more convincing speaker in your online meetings and presentations.

This course will reward you with confidence and peace of mind, clear communication skills, and techniques to be more engaging and persuasive in your business - even in your non-native language. 

Once you start this course, the materials are yours forever. You can take as long as you like to study and repeat as often as you like.

I’m giving you my 100% money-back guarantee for six months.

This means that if you go through the program, complete the trainings (reflection and action sections in each workbook, templates, and checklists) and you do not see yourself as a clearer, more confident, and more convincing presenter than when you started, then I simply do not deserve your money. I’ll offer you a full refund.

The bottom line is that when you complete this course, you will be a clearer, more confident, more convincing speaker in your online meetings and presentations.

It's your choice

If you’re already a “Confident Global Communicator” and can easily engage and persuade your clients and colleagues, that’s GREAT! You don’t need this training. Please continue to be a wonderful role model to those around you!

But, if you’re currently more of an “Uncertain English Speaker” - if, deep inside, you feel pressured or stressed during important online meetings and presentations that impact your reputation and business results, then your options are simple:

OPTION 1: Do nothing... and then of course nothing changes. You just keep missing out on opportunities and feeling disappointed in yourself.  

OPTION 2: Do something about it - choose to improve your skills and confidence in a way that works for you and your schedule.  

If you choose Option 2, then now is your time to sign up and get started!

Start to speak like an expert online today.

One payment of just 29,700 yen including tax.

Yes, I want to be a confident presenter

Our Privacy Policy is here.

In case there’s anything I missed, here are some commonly asked questions

That’s ultimately up to you because the course is self study and self paced. If you wanted to whizz through the course, you could watch all the videos in less than 90 minutes and potentially complete the workbooks, templates, and checklists in around 5 hours. So that’s a total of around 6.5 hours.

However, I recommend that you break this down into time chunks that work for your particular schedule. So you could study, for example, for 15 minutes per day for one month or 30 minutes per day for two weeks.

And, of course, you can repeat the content as much as you want and whenever you want to deepen your learning.

As soon as you sign up online, you’ll be taken to a page with a link that goes straight to your Speak Like An Expert Library. So you can get started immediately. Or you can start later, when you’re ready, by clicking the link in the email that we’ll send you (check your Spam filter if you don’t see it after you sign up).

When you invest in the course you’ll have the option of joining one or more small-group online intensives where you can practice in front of a real audience and receive personal coaching from me to make faster and greater progress.

I also offer 1:1 coaching for a very limited number of people.

Please contact Team Sasuga! if you are interested in joining.

I understand how difficult it can seem to find time when you have so much on your plate already. That’s why I designed this course for busy professionals like you. You can study at your own pace whenever you want to, so this is ideal if you’re short on time or want to take it slow. You can use your time efficiently for maximum results.

Yes, the training videos and materials are all in English. If you're concerned about whether you can follow everything in English, you'll be fine if you already use English in your work.

The course includes audio versions of all the videos, so as well as improving your presentation skills, you can actually practice your English listening skills too, whenever you want to. 

You're welcome to ask questions in the Comment section in each lesson in English or Japanese.

Watch my video at the top of this page. If you generally understand that, you’re fine. If you don’t understand every single word, that’s okay! You can rewatch the training videos as many times as you like.

Also, the workbooks comprehensively cover the content of the videos, so you can check there for any words that you missed. And you can post questions in the Comments in each lesson in English or Japanese.

If you go through the program, complete the trainings (reflection and action sections in each workbook, templates, and checklists) and you do not see yourself as a clearer, more confident, and more convincing presenter than when you started, then I simply do not deserve your money. I’ll offer you a full refund.

You have lifetime access to all the materials in this course. Simply log into your Speak Like An Expert Online Library and your materials will be there.

Contact Team Sasuga! and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

These speaker success stories could be yours

"The content really hit all the right spots"

What I learned in this course wasn’t just for presentations. I could use it for daily communication, like speaking up in meetings and reporting to my boss. Even when I had limited time, I learned to prepare with confidence and with peace of mind. I was able to solve my concerns, including how to grab the audience’s attention in the opening and where to put my hands. The content really hit all the right spots. I also really liked that I was able to study at my own pace and review the content again and again. The more I practice while learning from Helen’s expertise and tips from her experience and make them my own, the more confident I’ll continue to become.

(Speak Like An Expert student)

"The course quality was very high"

The course quality was very high and I could learn effectively in two ways. Not only was I learning the skills to give an outstanding presentation, but the videos were also actual examples of outstanding presentations. The workbooks were comprehensive, so I could easily review the content without taking my own detailed notes.

Takuya Akiba, Preferred Network Inc.
(Speak Like An Expert student)

"Helen transformed me!"

Before I worked with Helen I hated filming myself, it felt awkward and unnatural so I resisted using video. Within just 30 min Helen transformed me! I was able to come across so much more authentically and I felt like another person. Now I am not afraid to shoot a video and deliver my content to those that I serve. If you want to learn how to pitch more effectively and come across more professionally and naturally on camera then look no further! Helen is your woman!

Adrian Massey, Founder of C'go Drinks
(Executive coaching participant)

"I have benefitted tremendously"

I would really like to thank you for your time, feedback and coaching sessions. I have benefitted tremendously from the sessions and it has been very comforting to know that I am not alone in my journey for confidence!

Natasha, Manager at SEA-based finance company
(Corporate training and executive coaching participant)

Start to speak like an expert online today.

One payment of just 29,700 yen including tax.

Yes, I want to be a confident presenter

Our Privacy Policy is here.


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