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Build your skills and confidence - even when you think you don't have time 
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Build global business communication skills and confidence

Do you find it difficult to get your message across to colleagues in your global workplace?

Do you want to feel more confident speaking up in meetings?

Do you want to improve your listening skills - especially in English?

But you're so busy with work and other commitments, you don't have the time or energy (or motivation) to study consistently or join regular classes?

Even if you've read a great book or taken a valuable workshop, it's easy to forget what you learned without ongoing encouragement and support, right? もったいない.

Now, there's another way...


As a Sasuga! Circle member, you'll receive

① Monthly Q&A Calls

Ask questions to solve your business communication problems and learn by listening to other members. Calls are at weekends and via easy-to-use video conferencing. They’re all recorded for you to watch later if you can't join live.

② Bite-sized training (in English)

Every month, you can enjoy short training videos, audios, and PDFs in the Sasuga! Circle Online Library. Build your communication skills for global business whenever you want and wherever you want at your own pace (ideal for your commute).

③ In-person gathering

Several times a year, we hold optional lunches and other events to get to know people in the group, celebrate your progress, and have fun.

 A private membership forum

We use a private group on Facebook for questions, sharing goals and successes, and interacting with others in English or Japanese.

Get inspiration, encouragement,
and support 

I'm Helen Iwata, author of Eigo no Shigoto-jutsu (英語の仕事術), TEDx speaker, founder and president of Sasuga Communications K. K. Based in Tokyo, I'm here to help you communicate with clarity and confidence in global business.

I've been wanting to create an educational, supportive, and fun group for a looooooong time. Why? Because it makes me sad to see people struggle with global business communication when I know things can be different. I love to give ongoing support and see real change. And I love bringing people together to inspire each other.

The Sasuga! Circle is a new group of individuals working in global business in Japan who are keen to improve their communication skills and confidence.

The Sasuga! Circle will support you to communicate with more clarity and confidence in global business in a consistent, time-efficient, fun way.


The monthly fee is 7,500 yen, including tax.

You can discontinue your membership at any time if you no longer find the group valuable.

Click the JOIN THE INTEREST LIST button below and I'll email you with details as soon as registration reopens, so that you can start to benefit from being a Sasuga! Circle member. 


The doors to the Sasuga! Circle are currently closed, but if you'd like to be the first to know when we're accepting new members, click the orange button and we'll email you.

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