Sasuga You! Self-Discovery Weekend

Inviting you to join us November 10-12, 2018, in Iwaki Yumoto

「自分と向き合うこと(新しい自分を発見すること)は、怖くない! 今では、とてもわくわくする、楽しいことだと気付きました。 その時に悩んでいたことも、「どうしてそんなことを悩んでいたのか」と思うほど、すっきりと解消しました。」


Inviting you to join us November 10-12, 2018, in Iwaki Yumoto


Build your confidence and communication skills and discover your hidden strengths!


Get to know amazing women who will continue to encourage and support you when you go back into the "real world."


Enjoy yoga - whether you're a beginner or a pro - and soak away your stress in the hot springs :)



Saturday, November 10

11:30 Meet at Yumoto Station (dip your feet in the foot bath while you wait for everyone to arrive!) 

12:00 Welcome lunch

Session 1 - Getting to know each other


Session 2 - Understanding our beliefs and changing our behaviors 


Relax in the hot springs, chat with your new friends, or take time on your own - whichever you prefer 

Sunday, November 11

08:00 Breakfast   

Session 3 - Speaking up - part 1 


Session 4 - Speaking up - part 2 

12:30 Lunch

Session 5 - Building trust and understanding values


Session 6 - Dealing with conflict   

17:30 Relaxing sunset yoga with Ashina  

19:00 Dinner

Monday, November 12

06:30 Revitalizing sunrise yoga with Ashina  

08:30 Breakfast  

Session 7 - Stepping into our "Wakuwaku" 


Session 8 - Overcoming our fears and celebrating our success   

13:00 Farewell lunch

15:00 Leave Iwaki for home

*We may make slight changes - always with the aim of giving you the best experience :) 





Your facilitators, Helen and Rebecca 

Helen Iwata is from England and has worked in Japan for over 25 years. She trained consultants and clients in communication skills during her 10 years with McKinsey & Company before establishing her own business, Sasuga Communications K. K. 

Helen is the author of 英語の仕事術 (published by Shogakukan), a TEDx speaker, and monthly columnist in 日経スタイル.

Rebecca De Regt is from Australia, has worked in over 45 countries, and is now based in Ghana, Africa, where she has adopted 6 local children to support their livelihood and education.

Rebecca is deeply committed to working with professionals to ignite their inner potential and journey in self-discovery and growth. She has been designing and delivering coaching and learning solutions in some of the most dynamic and successful global companies for the last 20 years, including McKinsey & Company. 


「包容力があり、寛容。 親友のような、母のような、姉のような。  Wonderful ladies!」




Our venue and accommodation

Owner Masumi-san always gives us a very warm welcome at Iwaso Ryokan Yumoto Onsen.

By staying here, we're supporting the local community in Fukushima, which has been suffering since the 2011 disaster. 

Iwaso is a few minutes' walk from Yumoto Station.

Yumoto Station is 2.5 hours by train or 3 hours by bus from Tokyo.

Click here for the Iwaso website.

Shared rooms

We share 2 people per room. One participant said,

「初対面」を心配するかもしれませんが、プログラムが始まったら、あっという間にみんな仲間! No worries!」







Here's what you get...

(Scroll down for English)

  • 宿泊費(2泊、ツインルームシェア)16,500円

  • 朝食2回、昼食3回、夕食2回 12,500円

  • ワークショップ2.5日間と世界クラスの講師陣とのフリータイム 150,000円

  • ワークショップ教材 3,000円

  • ヨガセッション2回 8,000円

  • ジャーナル用ノートとヨガマット(お持ち帰り)2,000円

  • フォローアップセッション30分 15,000円




早割価格 = 135,000円(税込145,800円)




  • 2 nights’ ryokan accommodation - twin share (16,500 yen) 
  • 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners (12,500 yen)
  • 2.5 days’ workshops - and free time with world-class facilitators (150,000 yen)
  • Workshop materials (3,000 yen)
  • 2 yoga sessions (8,000 yen)
  • Your personal journal and special yoga mat to take home (2,000 yen)
  • 30-minute personal followup coaching (15,000 yen)

Total value: 207,000 yen.... 

Your ACTUAL investment = 135,000 yen (145,800 yen, including tax)

A saving of over 60,000 yen!

 (Not included: Your transportation and any alcoholic beverages)

How to pay?

Online payment option

Pay online now by credit card and secure your place by clicking on the purple "REGISTER NOW" button below. It's quick and easy!

Bank transfer option

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please contact us at this link.

Payment plan option

If you prefer to pay in installments, please contact us at this link.

Company invoice option

If you need a company invoice, please contact us at this link.





「日々、頑張り続けている女性たちです。 自分を解放する心地よさを感じていただきたいです!」





Join us for the Sasuga You! Self-Discovery Weekend, November 10-12, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lessons be in English or Japanese?

Helen and Rebecca will be speaking in English in the overall group sessions. But we encourage you to ask for clarification in English or Japanese if you don’t understand something. It’s good to ask questions :) You can also speak in Japanese in pairs or small groups. We’ll have several times each day when you can review what you’ve learned, ask for clarification, express any concerns, or simply chat in Japanese. Helen and Ashina speak Japanese. Rebecca would love to, but unfortunately doesn’t. She is used to working in countries where English is not the native language and has run multiple workshops in Japan.

What level of English is needed?

If you’re regularly using English in your work or business, you’ll be fine. We focus on communication, not on great grammar, perfect pronunciation, and varied vocabulary. And, as mentioned above, if you find it difficult to understand something, please ask. We always welcome questions.

What if I don't want to share a room?

Please let us know if you really want a single room. We can check availability at Iwaso. This will be at an additional charge though.

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

We want this weekend to be educational and enjoyable. So please join all the sessions led by Helen and Rebecca. Each session builds on the one before, so you miss important information and experiences if you miss a session. If, for some unforeseen reason, you have to miss a session, please talk with Helen or Rebecca, so that we can work out how best to support you. We also encourage you to join the yoga sessions, meals, and such, but if you need time on your own, please just let us know.

I've never joined anything like this before and I'm a bit nervous

It’s normal to feel nervous when you’re about to do something new. It’s outside your comfort zone. It’s only when we do something new that we learn and grow. Then our comfort zone grows. Probably everyone joining the weekend will be feeling nervous - yes, even Helen and Rebecca, who will be nervous because this is a new group of people and we want to do our best to make this a wonderful experience for everyone. As Gay Hendricks says, “Fear is excitement without the breath” Take several deep breaths and feel the nervousness gradually turn into a bit of a feeling of excitement :) We’re with you!

What if I have dietary requirements or food allergies?

Please let us know what they are. We will do our very best to accommodate you. Please don’t let it be a reason not to join us!

What if I have more questions?

Contact us!  (We don’t check email constantly, but will get back to you by the next business day).




Join us for the Sasuga You! Self-Discovery Weekend, November 10-12, 2018

Huge thanks for the fabulous photos on this page to Tia Haygood of TopTia Photography.


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